Work permit: what to do if you lose yours

If you are one of the DACA beneficiaries’ programs and have lost your work permit, read carefully. At Quiroga Law Office PLLC, we can give you advice on whatever you need in this subject.  

The DACA program protects from deportation certain people who came to the United States as children.  

Likewise, it offers the possibility of obtaining a work permit for two years, accessing a social security number, and in some cases, medical insurance and driving licenses.  

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If a person whose DACA is current but their work permit card has been lost, destroyed, or stolen, it is possible to apply for a new one.  

If your DACA benefits have expired by then, you could renew them and, in the process, apply for a new work permit.  

To speed up the work, it is recommended that you seek the advice of expert entities in immigration laws. So that they can give you a better guide.  

After all, some factors can affect the timely processing of the petition, such as: 

  • Error in the personal data and the requested documents. 
  • Have problems with the judicial record. 
  • Dismiss scheduled appointments. 

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