At Quiroga Law Office we continue to be a benchmark for consulting and positioning on immigration issues in the media. Find out in this section those in which we have been new and know more about us.

Lo que está pasando con la Ley SB 1718

The SB 1718 Law in Florida aims to criminalize undocumented immigrants, denying them driver’s licenses and imposing increased fines on employers, among other measures. As a result, it has sparked criticism and concern among immigrant rights advocates. The consequences of this law could be dramatic, which is why I invite you to listen to my interview where I explain the situation.

In interview with La Opinion daily, from Los Angeles

Hector Quiroga Talked about climate migrants, those who due to emergency situations created by earthquakes, cyclones, hurricans, among others natural disasters, must go out from their countries, to seek for a better future, and the need of redefining the refugee concept.

Link el DiarioLa Opinion daily

Abogado Héctor Quiroga on La Pera TV: The Endless Wait for Immigration Proceedings! 

Attorney Hector Quiroga speaks on La Pera TV about the challenges immigrant´s families face in their quest to reunite with their loved ones in the United States, especially about waivers of inadmissibility in which Quiroga Law Office is at the forefront in filling deferal lawsuits to obtain an agile response in specific cases.

Keys to success in an interview with Univisión.

Perseverance, that is the key that will lead you to success. Join me in this interview with Univisión, here I will tell you about the challenges I faced and my story of overcoming myself to become a lawyer, beyond having been rejected seven times by the same university.

Héctor Quiroga, a fighter who managed to achieve the American dream.

In interview with Paula Lamas, a very well known american journalist, Hector Quiroga, CEO of the company, told us about his life, the goals and challenges he had to face when inmigrated into the United States. Also, he gave us a powerfull message, to invite you all to fight for your dreams and not giving up.

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