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Biden’s executive order limits asylum at the border

The Biden Administration has implemented new asylum restrictions at the southern US border. An executive order will limit the number of asylum seekers when irregular crossings exceed 2,500 per day for a week. 

The main restrictions include expedited deportation for those who do not demonstrate a credible fear of persecution or torture. However, there are exceptions for unaccompanied minors and medical emergencies. 

Additionally, these restrictions will cease if detentions drop to 1,500 daily for 14 days. 

The new policy requires applicants to demonstrate a “reasonable likelihood” of persecution, increasing the burden of proof. 

As a result, these measures have divided opinions. While Democrats criticize the vulnerability they create for applicants, some Republicans question the delay in their implementation. 

From the Quiroga Law Office, we emphasize that these restrictions, although necessary, do not replace the need for comprehensive immigration reform. 

Despite these new restrictions, the border will remain open for commerce and tourism activities. 

How Immigration Policies Are Affecting Asylum

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we understand how immigration policies can significantly impact the lives of our brave clients. The recent revelation about the Biden administration and its mass amnesty shows a major shift in handling asylum cases. 

Since 2022, over 350,000 cases have been closed, allowing many immigrants to remain in the country without being deported, but without access to benefits or work permits. While this measure may seem like a relief, it is not a long-term solution. It is crucial for immigrants to consult with us to explore other legal avenues and protect their rights. 

We are committed to providing advice and seeking the best solutions for each individual case. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients are informed and protected. 

Our goal is to guide our clients through the complex legal immigration system and help them find a clear path to legal and secure status in the United States. With our experience and dedication, we always strive for the best possible outcome for each brave client. 

Attention Asylum Seekers! Only 4 Hours to Find a Lawyer

The recent immigration order by the Biden Administration introduces severe restrictions for immigrants wanting to cross the border and seek asylum. As immigration attorneys, we are concerned that this requirement gives applicants only four hours to find legal representation, which is insufficient time to prepare a solid case. 

Immigrants crossing the border without documentation will be subject to expedited removal, although they still have the possibility of applying for asylum. In this application, “credible fear” interviews will be a key requirement and will be conducted by USCIS; having legal assistance is essential in these cases. This policy raises the standards for evaluating cases, making it more challenging to demonstrate situations of risk. 

We recommend that anyone planning to seek asylum arrives prepared with the help of an immigration attorney, so this new policy does not affect the preparation of their cases. 

d Republican resistance, culminating in a vote of 43 in favor and 50 against. 

This outcome reflects a partisan division that harms border communities and delays the necessary reform, potentially exacerbating insecurity in a tense electoral climate. 

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we believe Congress must adopt a more humane and balanced approach, promoting policies that encourage the fair and beneficial integration of immigrants into our society. For our part, we will continue advocating for significant and fair changes in immigration policy. 

Bipartisan border Bill fails again

In Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we regret the recent failure of immigration reform in the U.S. Rejected for the second time, it did not adequately address the challenges of border security or the essential needs of the immigration system. 

While the debate is on increasing the number of immigration judges and officers, a necessary but insufficient measure, it continues to lack effective solutions for millions of immigrants’ regularization and economic contribution. 

After an initial failed attempt this year, the Democrats reintroduced the measure, facing internal divisions and Republican resistance, culminating in a vote of 43 in favor and 50 against. 

This outcome reflects a partisan division that harms border communities and delays the necessary reform, potentially exacerbating insecurity in a tense electoral climate. 

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we believe Congress must adopt a more humane and balanced approach, promoting policies that encourage the fair and beneficial integration of immigrants into our society. For our part, we will continue advocating for significant and fair changes in immigration policy. 

Welcome Corps: The initiative connecting refugees and american citizens 

In our experience as immigration attorneys, we have seen how initiatives like Welcome Corps can significantly transform lives. This program, introduced by the Department of State, allows Cuban, Venezuelan, Haitian, and Nicaraguan refugees to enter the United States with up to 10 family members, backed by American citizen sponsors. 

Unlike asylum seekers, refugees benefiting from Welcome Corps must have been registered by UNHCR before September 30, 2023. This requirement ensures that those entering the country have already been officially recognized as refugees. 

Welcome Corps not only facilitates the integration and resettlement process but also highlights the generosity and commitment of American citizens. With over 13,000 sponsors registered, the program demonstrates significant support for refugees, challenging the negative perceptions often associated with immigration. Such programs are crucial for promoting a more humane and supportive approach to immigration management. 

New asylum restrictions: What do they mean for applicants? 

Following the announcement of new asylum policy restrictions, which grant more power to immigration officers to reject applications and expedite deportations, we are concerned about how these decisions will be made. 

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has warned that these changes could exclude people who have the right to stay, preventing asylum seekers from obtaining legal advice or understanding the consequences of a ban. AILA emphasized: “To establish a fair and orderly process at the border, Congress must provide the Department of Homeland Security with the necessary resources and ensure that the truly vulnerable are not denied protection without due process.” 

The government also seeks to partially reduce judicial protection for unaccompanied migrant children, part of the well-known Flores Agreement. As lawyers committed to immigrants’ rights, we are here to help you understand these changes and defend your rights at every step of the process. 

Restrictive immigration laws expansion in the US

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we are aware of the new legal challenges facing immigrants in the United States, especially following the adoption of new restrictive laws by several states inspired by the currently frozen SB4 law in Texas. Eight states, including Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, have enacted severe laws that will come into effect next July 1st, complicating the situation for migrants. 

We consider these measures extreme and unconstitutional. They have created national uncertainty and profoundly affected the migrant community. Additionally, it is alarming that non-border states are adopting such restrictive policies, indicating a shift towards a more punitive national immigration policy. In response, our commitment is to fight for fair and sensible policies, promote safe and legal pathways for migrants, and seek solutions that reflect compassion and justice in this critical election year. 

New asylum policies: A rigorous approach in a crucial year

As immigration lawyers, we are at the heart of a vital debate that could redefine asylum policies in the United States. The recent proposal from President Joe Biden’s government, which seeks to intensify the asylum process for those with criminal records or ties to terrorism, highlights a fundamental clash between national security and human rights. This policy, which allows for rapid deportation during initial interviews, emphasizes the urgency of this moment, not only for us as advocates for immigrant rights but for the integrity of our national justice and morals. 

We invite deep reflection on how we can balance security and justice. The current situation not only challenges our legal framework but also the fundamental principles of fairness and humanity that must prevail in our nation. 

New USCIS policy: work permit extension for 800,000 immigrants

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we are pleased to report that USCIS has extended the validity of work permits from 180 to 540 days for nearly 800,000 immigrants, including asylum seekers, TPS recipients, and Green Card applicants. This policy seeks to address the backlog of cases and staff shortages that have caused significant delays in the processing of immigration procedures. Applicable to those who have applied for renewal from October 27, 2023, to September 30, 2025, this measure will allow immigrants to work without worrying about expired permits. Beneficiaries can present their expired permit along with the renewal receipt that explains the extension granted, simplifying the validation of their status before employers. From our firm, we celebrate this rule that facilitates job stability for immigrants, reflecting USCIS’ commitment to improving its services to the immigrant community. 

Has Your Partner Not Fixed Their Status? Biden Has a Plan That Could Change Your Lives

Joe Biden’s initiative to grant temporary legal status to undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens is a bold proposal that promises to transform the lives of many families. By providing work permits and protection from deportation, this policy aims not only to regularize the status of immigrants but also to integrate them more fully into American society. The positive response from various organizations and the business community underscores the support for a policy that benefits both individuals and the economy at large. However, the success of the initiative will depend on the clarity and effectiveness with which these changes are implemented, a challenge that the administration must handle carefully. 

Hector Discusses the Child Labor Crisis in the U.S. on DNYUZ

In the United States, the number of minors working under concerning conditions has alarmingly increased, exacerbated by the current migration crisis. Data from the Department of Labor indicate a rise in violations of child labor regulations, especially in high-risk sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing. 

In his interview with DNYUZ, Hector highlights that these minors are often employed in areas with dense concentrations of migrants, which directly affects their employment patterns in hazardous environments. 

This phenomenon underscores the urgency of implementing stricter controls and more effective supervision. It is suggested to strengthen the verification of sponsors, provide ongoing monitoring and support to the minors, and educate them and their families about their labor rights to prevent exploitation. 

Between Law and Justice: The SB4 Bill and the Role in the Fight for Fair Immigration Reform

As immigration attorneys, we find ourselves at the epicenter of a legal battle that could alter the landscape of immigration policy in the United States. The recent order by a Supreme Court judge, temporarily blocking the implementation of SB4 in Texas, highlights a fundamental dispute over the limits of state power versus federal authority. This law, signed by Governor Greg Abbott, challenges 150 years of precedent by granting unprecedented powers to the police over migrants. The decision on March 18th is shaping up to be a critical moment, not just for those of us advocating for immigrants’ rights but for the entire country.  

As defenders of these rights, we reflect on the balance between security and freedom, emphasizing the need for a fair and humane immigration reform. The current tension tests not only our legal systems but also our fundamental values as a nation. 

Entrevista – NewsChannel 6  

Facing the Controversy: A Legal Perspective from Hector on Texas’ Immigration Law 

In the face of the controversy generated by Texas’ proposed immigration law, Hector’s observations provide a fundamental and necessary critique. He highlights how the law, far from solving problems, could create an atmosphere of fear and distrust, risking the principles of justice and equality.  

By warning of the potential increase in discrimination lawsuits and adverse effects on community living, Hector emphasizes the federal government’s responsibility in immigration regulation and civil rights protection.  

His contribution is key to understanding the deep ramifications of a poorly oriented immigration policy. 

SCOTUS temporarily blocks Texas Immigration Law (

Hector’s Perspective: A Critical Analysis of the Migrant Crisis at Airports

The recent coverage by Newsweek on the accusation by Republican senators of using airports in Democrat-led cities like New York to house illegal migrants, highlights a heated debate over immigration and border policies in the United States. 

Through letters sent to port authorities, Republicans have raised concerns about security and the use of airport facilities for unintended purposes. 

Among the viewpoints presented, Hector’s intervention stands out. Hector, a federal immigration lawyer, warns about the need to approach the mentioned figures with skepticism. 

Hector argues that identifying accurate statistics on housed migrants is complex and criticizes the lack of support from some Republicans for legislation that would have provided more resources to agencies like ICE. 

His analysis offers a balanced perspective on the debate, highlighting the complexity of immigration management and the impact of sanctuary city policies. 

Republicans Want to Expose Security Red Flags at New York Airport (

Deciphering Senate Bill 4: Héctor’s Insight 

In a significant legal development, the controversial Senate Bill 4, targeting migrants in Texas, has been suspended by a federal judge in Austin.  

This law, which was poised to empower state and local law enforcement to detain migrants suspected of illegal entry and facilitate their return to Mexico, raised substantial concerns regarding its clarity and practical implementation.  

Hector, critically assesses the law’s vague directives and the potential confusion it could sow among law enforcement and migrants alike. He questions the feasibility of its enforcement, pointing out the absence of a structured process for the state to manage such deportations effectively.  

With penalties ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, the law’s broad implications for migrants’ rights and state authority underpin Hector’s analysis.  

Judge suspends controversial Texas migrant law: Confusion and backlash anticipated (

Federal Judge Blocks Controversial Texas SB4 

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC., we anticipated the decision by a federal judge in Texas against the implementation of SB4, signed by Governor Greg Abbott in December 2023. This legislation, which would allow local and state authorities to arrest and deport individuals suspected of entering Texas without federal authorization, faced predictable legal objections. 

We agree that the law conflicts with the federal principle of immigration management, and the judicial decision to block it does not surprise us. Despite Governor Abbott’s intent to appeal, we maintain that SB4 violates the U.S. Constitution and threatens to separate families and promote racial profiling. 

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC., we reaffirm our commitment to defending the rights of immigrants and fighting against legislation we deem harmful to our nation’s values, focusing on justice and equity for all. 

It was entirely predictable that a Texas federal judge would rule against SB 4 – Rio Grande Guardian

Lo que está pasando con la Ley SB 1718

The SB 1718 Law in Florida aims to criminalize undocumented immigrants, denying them driver’s licenses and imposing increased fines on employers, among other measures. As a result, it has sparked criticism and concern among immigrant rights advocates. The consequences of this law could be dramatic, which is why I invite you to listen to my interview where I explain the situation.

In interview with La Opinion daily, from Los Angeles

Hector Quiroga Talked about climate migrants, those who due to emergency situations created by earthquakes, cyclones, hurricans, among others natural disasters, must go out from their countries, to seek for a better future, and the need of redefining the refugee concept.

Link el DiarioLa Opinion daily

Abogado Héctor Quiroga on La Pera TV: The Endless Wait for Immigration Proceedings! 

Attorney Hector Quiroga speaks on La Pera TV about the challenges immigrant´s families face in their quest to reunite with their loved ones in the United States, especially about waivers of inadmissibility in which Quiroga Law Office is at the forefront in filling deferal lawsuits to obtain an agile response in specific cases.

Keys to success in an interview with Univisión.

Perseverance, that is the key that will lead you to success. Join me in this interview with Univisión, here I will tell you about the challenges I faced and my story of overcoming myself to become a lawyer, beyond having been rejected seven times by the same university.

Héctor Quiroga, a fighter who managed to achieve the American dream.

In interview with Paula Lamas, a very well known american journalist, Hector Quiroga, CEO of the company, told us about his life, the goals and challenges he had to face when inmigrated into the United States. Also, he gave us a powerfull message, to invite you all to fight for your dreams and not giving up.

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