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Photography | Photographer Contracts in Spokane Washington

Photographer Contract

A written contract is the best way for any given business AND for a client/customer to ensure the agreement protects both parties. A contract must be obtained with full disclosure and it must be fair (it cannot be obtained by deceit, fraud, and/or misrepresentation).
In Washington, oral contracts are also enforceable (with a few exceptions). An oral agreement which contains an offer, an acceptance, and legal consideration paid by both parties can be fully enforceable and award damages against the party who breached the agreement.
The main issue with an oral contract is that often, it is very hard (if possible at all) to prove the terms, duties, and considerations of the contract. Although the parties can attempt to prove the important terms of the agreement, it is up to the party enforcing the contract to show, by the preponderance of the evidence, that the term was entered into and breached by the other party. This legal standard is usually difficult to overcome as evidence can be disputed and witnesses can be brought in to rebut any allegation.
Local business owners in Spokane, Washington should have their contracts in writing. Clients and customers should also procure a contract when having any given transaction that is important to the client/customer. A contract does not have to be complicated or several pages in length. However, it should outline the duties and responsibilities of each party including delivery times, payment amount, payment terms, warranties, refund/return policies, etc.

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