Who are the Dreamers?

The dreamers are young people between the ages of 15 and 35 who lived their childhood and adolescence in the United States. Even if they entered the country without their documents. 

They are people who, at some point, received the benefits of the DACA program, which seeks to allow young immigrants the opportunity to study and work from an early age. 

To be a dreamer, you must have arrived in the country before 2007 and be less than 31 years old at the time of DACA approval in 2012. 

If a person left the country during that time, the continuity of their stay could be affected. 

How many dreamers are there? 

It was a popular program for newcomers, so there are currently around 800,000 dreamers in the United States. 

Items to consider if you want to be a dreamer? 

You must finish high school. If you do not have that being in the military might also help you. 

Whatever the case, under no circumstances is it acceptable that you have a criminal record. 

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Has the program been carried out continuously? 

During these last years, no. 

In general, even if the program’s existence has favored many young immigrants to get an education, work, and driver’s licenses, the DACA program has been affected on numerous occasions by political and legal issues, especially concerning the administration’s changes in the country. 

However, since June 2020, it was established that the DACA program would start up again, and by 2021 new cases are being received. 

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