Priscilla Herchold’s Passion for People

Priscilla Herchold is an outstanding associate attorney who cares a lot about her clients and gives 110% effort into each and every day. Priscilla joined our team June 15, 2015, and loves her career here at Quiroga Law Office, PLLC. Priscilla feels that the team has a good atmosphere with a staff who carry on good humor in the office and knows it is important to have fun, yet the team knows it is pertinent to maintain a serious and committed mind to every case and client.

Priscilla is a very inquisitive person who truly wanted to do something great. Once she found her inspiration to pursue law during her last semester in college while pursuing an arts degree, she couldn’t shake the idea of helping people. Priscilla says, “I was inspired to pursue law because of my sister and brother-in-law. They were graduates of the Gonzaga law school here in Spokane, Washington.” At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, Priscilla is responsible for handling family law, bankruptcy, immigration, and personal injury cases.

Priscilla’s goal as an attorney is to help people during a complex situation, to help break it down to become a simpler matter, and to achieve the desired result. Priscilla’s motto is that “nothing is impossible.” She loves when a client places trust in the office, because being able to help people get closure during a tough situation is very rewarding.
When asked to share a message regarding her opinion of Quiroga Law office, PLLC, Priscilla said, “the team here is here to help you. We love to help people who are willing to put the effort into helping themselves and the loved ones around them.” She is supportive of all her clients during hard times.

Both, the office and Priscilla, are family oriented. Priscilla believes that family is one of the most important things that life has to offer. She loves bonding with her three nieces and three nephews, including her nephew Julian, who she enjoys spending her evenings with here in Spokane.

Priscilla enjoys many things in life, such as good food, romantic comedies, and art museums. “I could spend hours upon hours admiring beautiful artwork,” says Priscilla. Also a lover of animals, she owns a Chihuahua-Pug mix named Mrs. Chinkles, a Black Lab-Border Collie mix named Johnnie Walker, and a horse named J.D. Fanciman!

Not only a romantic at heart, Priscilla is a very passionate person in all aspects of her life. One of our fellow staff, Greg Cunningham, shared his sentiments about her, saying, “I appreciate how thorough she is. Priscilla makes both our clients and our team look good in court, as well as in the office.”