Most Common Mistakes That Immigrants Make Preventing Them From Obtaining The Green Card


What are the situations why USCIS denies a green card?

The USCIS denies a green card for several reasons. Today we will talk about some of the most relevant ones and the ones USCIS, which we believe, agents consider when granting permanent residence or not. We are not only talking about those mistakes that can be made when the Green card is first treated, we are also talking about when you go to renew that document. USCIS agents are trained and very aware of these issues. Be careful and do not do these things.

1. Do not lie about the reasons for entering to the United States

Immigration agents are trained to detect the true interest of the persons entering the US. That’s why we recommend you to NEVER tell a lie to the immigration authority.

2. Do not form a fake marriage

The USCIS has strategies to detect “marriages for convenience”, which is why they deny the permanent resident and even the citizen; since it’s considered a federal crime. There are severe consequences, with a prison sentence of up to 5 years, a fine up to $250K USD, and the person could be deported. For the American citizen these sanctions are not enough, which is why this is turning into a social issue, where it is sought to profit from marriages celebrated for this purpose. There’s no forgiveness for marriage fraud, you can miss a great opportunity.

3. Marijuana possession and other substances

This is a very complicated issue, since although in some states it is legal (consumption, shipping, distribution and production), but at the federal level it is illegal. The migration laws are federal, which means that even if there are other state laws, immigration always will follow the federal law.

The possession of these substances is a federal crime, and if they find an immigrant (no citizen) consuming, possessing or producing these substances, they can be deported. Therefore, this may end in the denial for green card or renewal.

4. Committed offenses that are reported in a State Court

All your criminal record is investigated, including the present, it means that if during the processing of your application, you face a trial, this can affect your case.

Having been convicted of an immoral crime, having two or more crimes with a prison sentence of 5 years or more, having been convicted for an aggravated crime, having performed any activity that could be classified as terrorist, having participated in a genocide, having participated in money laundering in any way. Any trial you face can harm your green card process.

This allows to obtain information from activities carried out in the United States and outside the country. If any goverment agency realizes that the applicant has lied in any of these matters, the chances in the future to get any migratory benefit are practically null, it would be unattainable to obtain the green card.

5. Not paying federal income taxes

This is a very big federal offense, the offenses against the IRS, are offenses that does not have forgiveness and can drive you to jail. The legal immigrants, have to pay taxes and that’s how they avoid having issues at the time of processing the green card.