How can I start the application for residence?

application for residence

Before starting an application for residence in the United States, it is necessary to know in detail some important information. This information refers to your immigration history and status to define if you are eligible and meet all the requirements. 

In addition, it is necessary to identify how you would apply: through a resident or citizen family member, through an employer, through the visa lottery, or any visa or special law (such as VAWA, the U Visa, or the T Visa, among others). You could also do it if you have asylum or refugee status. 

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Why do I need to know this information? 

First, it is essential to know all these details because each case is different and the process, the requirements, and the waiting time could vary substantially depending on the characteristics of your case. 

For example, the process changes if you are a relative of a permanent resident or a citizen. It is also different if you apply for residence through marriage or under the status of asylee or refugee. 

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Second, this information will determine if you can apply for residency through Adjustment of Status (without leaving the United States) or if you will have to do so through Consular Processing (in which case you will have to return to your country of origin to continue with the process). 

General steps to apply: 

Although each case is completely different and some requirements may vary, the application for permanent residence consists of the following general steps: 

  1. Review your immigration case in detail
  2. Identify the option that best suits your case
  3. Fill out the proper forms.
  4. Order the required documentation.
  5. Submit the petition to USCIS
  6. Wait the time determined according to your case.

On the other hand, we recommend you consult an immigration lawyer who can guide you in your case before starting any process. 

Finally, keep in mind that by knowing if you meet the requirements, you can avoid unnecessary expenses when applying for a residence that will not be approved (in this case, applying for the Green Card costs more than 400 dollars and we know that it is money we don’t always have).  

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