If I get the Green Card, do I have to pay taxes?

The “Green Card” or Permanent Residence, is one of the procedures most requested by immigrants because it opens up many more alternatives to live and work permanently in the United States.  

Generally, this is requested by a sponsor (either employer or family member) to request residency in favor of another person.  

From the moment an immigrant receives his “Green Card”, he is recognized by the country authorities as a legal permanent resident. 

This implies that they must follow the same laws as any other citizen, including everything related to paying taxes.  

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What must be considered? 

-A resident foreigner must declare on his or her tax return all interest, dividends, wages, or any other remuneration for her services.  

-Likewise, he must declare all income from rented property or royalties, whether accrued in the interior or abroad of the country. However, that does not mean that you must pay taxes on income that comes from abroad. 

– They must also use the Tax Table and Tax Rates that are required of other US citizens, which can help make their respective tax returns. 

Marital status can also be used in terms of tax filing 

Resident foreigners can also use the same civil statuses as citizens for the country’s tax returns. That means that these must be specified in the papers if the person is: 


-Married filing jointly. 

-Married filing separately. 

-Family boss. 

-Widowed with dependent child. 

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