How to obtain the Green Card for humanitarian reasons?

If you want to obtain the Green Card, but you want to apply for humanitarian reasons, there are certain conditions that you must know to be eligible. 

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we will tell you what three things you need to have in mind. 

1- To be eligible, you must be clear abouwhy you are requesting this residency. 

Immigration authorities receive numerous requests throughout the day. 

You must have the elements of the petition and the evidence as clearly as possible. 

Firstto be accepted on humanitarian grounds, the case you present must be considered urgent. Otherwise, your Green Card is likely to be denied. 

What is urgent? 

For example, if the person has a disease that only can be treated in the United States. If the person has suffered physical and psychological violence and is seeking refuge in the country. 

If the latter case arises for you, you will be able to stay in the country, but you will have to cooperate with the authorities during the investigations. 

2- What about the forms and costs? 

At this point, we recommend that you contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) directly. 

Depending on his case, you will let him know which forms to fill out and what cost each one has. 

3- Consult an immigration lawyer. 

Above all, you must seek the advice of an immigration attorney to carry out the process well. 

After all, you will need to understand American law to assess how it might be more beneficial to you. 

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