What are the benefits of a US citizen’s wife?

What are the benefits of marrying a US citizen? At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC we will tell you all about it.

Remember that an American can file a petition for their foreign partner to marry in the United States. The document that authorizes the partner to entry is known as a fiance visa or K-1 visa.

Once the marriage is celebrated, the foreign spouse has the possibility to adjust their status in the country and apply for permanent residence (Green Card).

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If the marriage occurred outside the United States the citizen must apply for a marriage visa known as CR-1 or IR-1, which will be assigned depending on how long the marriage has been active.

CR-1 is a conditional resident spouse visa valid for two years and that applies if the couple has been married for less than two years. IR-1 is a visa for the spouse as an immediate family member, which is granted after two years of marriage and is valid for up to ten.

Remember that both marriage visas (CR-1 and IR-1) are equivalent to the Green Card. The difference is that visas are issued by the US consulate or embassy in the foreigner’s country of origin.

Advantages of being married to a US citizen

Once your partner obtains the Green Card, he/she can legally stay in the country. In addition, he/she can also apply for a work permit. The foreign spouse can maintain their permanent resident status until they apply for citizenship through naturalization.

This is precisely one of the greatest advantages of marrying a US citizen since it makes it a lot easier to access the Green Card.

After only 3 years of becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), the spouse can apply for US citizenship.

If the foreign person has children, marrying a US citizen will provide the possibility of bringing them to the country and filing a petition for them to become residents, as long as they meet the conditions established by law (age, marital status)

Additionally, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), under certain conditions children of US citizens can automatically become citizens even when they are born outside the United States. This also applies to adopted children.

Always remember to seek advice from a certified immigration attorney. Only then you can be sure about how to proceed, depending on your case.

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