Permanent residence in the United States, Three Cases

Permanent residence in the United States, 3 Cases

Permanent residence in the United States is an immigration status with many privileges, because it allows a foreign citizen to live permanently and work in the United States, in addition, after a time, they are being able to apply to a citizenship by naturalization. But to obtain permanent residence, also known as Green Card, it is necessary to go through a legal immigration process of complex characteristics and meet a series of strict requirements. In this sense.

Green Card through Family

To begin this application for permanent residence by a family member, which is one of the most frequent applications, in this case US citizens or permanent residents can apply for a green card for their relatives. When it comes to American citizens, the set of family members who can be asked for permanent residence is broader, compared to residents, for example, in the first scenario you can request direct family members (children and permanent couple) as to indirect family members (siblings and parents) compared to residents who can only apply for the Green Card to direct family members. To close this passage, it is important to highlight that each of these requests may have special characteristics such as the Green Card for siblings or parents where the American citizen must be over 21 years of age.

Green Card through Employment

Second, there are permanent residences for work reasons, where US labor organizations can advance a permanent residency process for foreign workers. There are several characteristics that must be taken into account but the maximum condition is that the position held cannot be developed by US citizens or legal permanent residents. In most cases they are already professionals who enjoy an H-1B type visa and use this as a resource to reach the Green Card. On the other hand, there are special situations where a sponsoring company is not necessary, as in the case of people with exceptional abilities: scientists, artists or athletes who can also derive in a permanent residence.

Lottery Program

To continue this visa lottery, it is a scenario where annually the United States government raffles 50,000 Gren Card of diversity for those who meet the conditions and win the raffle, permanent residence is not only granted to the participant person but also to their permanent couple and unmarried children under 21 years. This lottery begins in October as it is the beginning of the US fiscal year and only digital applications are accepted, in this case the set of countries that have a high immigration rate is excluded, as for example, for Latin American countries the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic.


Finally, the specific cases here are only the best known but there may be others, each of the applications have their specific characteristics and requirements, in addition, it is important to keep in mind that presenting does not mean that the response is positive it may be that in the end of the process denied sea permanent residence. The best way to carry out a permanent residence immigration process is under the supervision of your trusted lawyer to carry out the process with greater certainty.