Donald and Hector and You

President Trump & Hector Quiroga

Our founder, Hector Quiroga, just spent days in a business seminar in Florida (yes, it was hot!). He does this often as he believes that the better run a law firm is, the better the experience for its clients. Because it’s all about the clients, of course.

These meetings aren’t really about law related matters, they’re about running a law office the way any well-managed business is run (this is something that is not taught in law schools). So, the seminars and classes just aren’t concerned with any area of law and the student-lawyers rarely get a chance to really talk about the kind of law they practice.

That, however, did not stop Hector’s colleagues from asking about our immigration practice.

Thing is, virtually every conversation skipped right past the ins and outs of immigration practice – visas, preparing for citizenship, and all the other issues we regularly cover here in our blog – and went straight to ‘the elephant in the room,’  Donald Trump.

“Hector, what do you think about the President?” “Hey, do your clients talk about Donald J?” “Did Trump’s latest bring new clients?” “Hey, Hector, what if Trump does this?” and every other Donald J. Trump related question you can possibly think of.

So, Hector talked a bit about Donald Trump. But just a bit. And nothing that we’re going to relay here for the time being (though Hector is writing a book, so it’ll be in there we’re sure).


Because what Hector, or any of us, think about Trump is totally irrelevant. What we think about his policies, his re-election prospects, his rhetoric, his anti-immigration spiels, is, again, totally irrelevant. Going on about them for even a minute or two is utterly counterproductive to our mission.

We’re here to help immigrants. That’s it. Wasting time opining on the President and his administration would be like an ER trauma surgeon taking time away from triage to talk about a car company’s safety devices. It does nothing to help the patient – the one with the immediate need.

This is why that while we write about the Trump Administration’s changes to immigration in the United States, we do so only to address those changes, not to editorialize.

Our message to our clients and clients-to-be is simple: do everything you’re supposed to do, submit every form, hold on to every piece of paper, pay every fee on time  . . . and talk to us.