Can I apply for VAWA if my abuser has a temporary visa?

abuso VAWA

If you were a victim of domestic abuse and your partner is a citizen or resident, you can apply for the protection of the Violence Against Women Act or VAWA.

Even if the name of the law emphasizes women, it protects any member of the family, regardless of the gender of the victim.

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1- Under what circumstances can VAWA be requested?

If the abuser turns out to be your spouse, you must check if your relationship with him meets the requirements needed to apply for VAWA. Among those are:

  • Be married to a citizen or resident and prove that he is an abuser.
  • Have been divorced or widowed. However, the marriage would have had to end within the last two years for it to be considered. The alleged abuse must be a cause for the divorce.
  • Having been cheated on by the spouse. Or he had a marriage with more than one person.

If the abuser has a temporary visa or loses citizenship or permanent residence due to a domestic violence charge, the VAWA process would not be affected.

However, the victim must keep in mind two years to make the request.

2- What do we recommend you do first?

Before starting the process, you should seek the advice of an immigration lawyer who can study your case in greater detail.

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