I am in a VAWA process. What if I remarry?

casarse durante proceso de vawa

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), is designed to protect men and women who have been victims of abuse or other types of violence in their family nucleus.

People who have been affected can carry out self-petition to obtain the benefits of the Law.

The aggressor must be a member of the direct family nucleus. However, when it comes to a spouse, what happens if you remarry during the process?

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1- I am in the middle of a VAWA process. What happens if I remarry?

We do not recommend that you get married if you are in the middle of a VAWA process. Indeed, doing so could hinder the process and, in some circumstances, may even be a reason for canceling it.

If you want to marry a new partner, you should wait for your VAWA to be approved before you can do so.

In any case, before making any movement about the petition, seek the advice of an immigration attorney who can better study your case and give you a more accurate opinion depending on your situation.

2- Can my new partner be included in the petition?

No, it cannot. Since you cannot marry another person during the process, he could not count as a direct relative in the application.

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