Beauty & the Beast

Quiroga Law Office, PLLC has a rising star! Its very own Kristen Cusick, also known as Misty Cusick, has landed the amazing role as Mrs. Potts in the musical, Beauty and the Beast, in both Act I and Act II. The musical is being performed at the Spokane Civic Theatre, located at 1020 North Howard Street, Spokane, WA 99201 from September 9, 2016, to October 9, 2016. The Spokane Civic Theatre will be playing Beauty & the Beast as the opener for their 70th anniversary gala.

Kristen has been singing and performing since she was very young. Though she started her college career in music, she was very passionate about helping people and pursued her career as an attorney because she felt great joy in helping improve the lives of others. She always maintained performing as a focal part of her life, however, and was happy to join the Spokane Civic Theatre.

Although Kristen felt hopeful that she would get a part in the musical, her feelings were pure apprehensiveness and excitement when she found out she got the roll of Mrs. Potts. This was one of the main roles she was hoping for!

“My top three favorite roles I would have liked to have performed would have been either Mrs. Potts, Belle, or Madam de la Grande Bouche. Before performing in Beauty and the Beast, it was quite a few years since I last performed on stage. I was worried about being rusty. I also wasn’t sure how I would balance learning such a large play while working full-time, but the excitement was more powerful than the nerves, and I am so happy with the show. I love it when the audience laughs at our jokes, gives that extra bit of strong applause for a song well done, and when the kids react emotionally to different scenes. It feels great knowing that the story is coming through and touching the audience members. One woman told us that she was going through a really hard time, and watching the show brought back some joy and magic in her life that she had not felt in a very long time,” said Kristen

The Spokane Civic Theatre is special because it is a slightly smaller space, so it is a much more intimate show. While performing at the Spokane Civic Theatre, the audience’s reaction is what Kristen loves the most.

The staff is ecstatic to see such an amazing musical brought to life. Everyone here is greatly supportive of everyone’s dreams and successes. Being able to attend a performance of Beauty and the Beast cast with actors and actresses from our community is just one of the many things the team here is glad to take part.

Kristen’s last day of her performance for Beauty and the Beast is October 9, 2016. She is excited for the experience and would definitely do another musical in the future.