What is the period of stay with a non-immigrant spouse visa?

visa de esposo inmigrante

The immigrant spouse visa is the one that U.S citizen requests for his foreign spouse to help her enter the country and stay in it to fix her status.

In a personal sense, this would allow them to shorten the physical separation between the two and let them be together in the United States while the process takes place.

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1- To apply for a non-immigrant spouse visa, what requirements must be needed?

First, the person who needs the visa must meet the eligibility requirements.

For example:

  • Both people are legally married.
  • That the petitioner has sufficient income to support both in the country.
  • Proving that the link is reel and having all the necessary documents of the petition on hand.

2- How long can the formalization of this visa take?

Unlike the fiancé petition, the spouse’s visa will likely take longer to validate. It can even take six to ten months to be approved.

3- Once it is approved, how long can you stay in the country?

This visa allows you to stay for two years, during which you do the procedures to obtain the Green Card.

For more information, we recommend you look for an immigration attorney, who can study your case in greater detail.

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