Spousal support in Spokane County is no different than in any other county in Washington State. It is alimony or the amount of money paid from one spouse to the other spouse. The main idea behind maintenance to is to help the spouse who is financially burdened due to the separation. Maintenance is not designed to punish the spouse who is more financially secure. In some marriages only one spouse has an income. At the time of separation this will often leave the other spouse without sufficient financial mean.

Washington does not have a standard calculation for how much maintenance should be awarded and for how long the payments should occur. The Court has complete discretion when determining Spousal support in Spokane County and any other Superior Court. District courts do not have jurisdiction over family matters.

The Court will consider these following factors in RCW 26.09.090 when deciding whether maintenance should be ordered and for how long.

1) the financial resources of the party seeking maintenance.

2) the time necessary to acquire sufficient education or training to enable the party seeking maintenance to find employment appropriate to his/her skill.

3) the standard of living established during the marriage.

4) the duration of the marriage.

5) the age, physical and emotional condition, and financial obligations of the spouse seeking maintenance.

6) the ability of the spouse from whom maintenance is sought to meets his/her needs and financial obligations while meeting those of the spouse seeking maintenance.

The Court has discretion to take other factors into account beyond those listed in RCW 26.09.090. Sometimes they take into account child support payments as well as the division of property after the divorce or any other factor the Court deems relevant.

Another factor to consider when seeking maintenance is that the Court does not have any set schedule for how long maintenance should be paid. Sometimes the Court will take into account the length of the marriage to determine the schedule. This means that short marriages could result is less payments and lengthier marriages could result in more payments. However, this time frame will also be affected by the factors we mentioned above. The party seeking maintenance must show the Court there is a good reason why maintenance should be ordered.

As you can see, the Court’s have complete discretion when determining an award of spousal support. It is advisable to seek the help of an attorney qualified in Family Law matters.

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