Frequently asked questions about family petitions

What are the questions people ask about family petitions? Residency through a spouse citizen, petitions from parents to children, citizen children, U visa, adoption of minors and children in the Armed Forces.

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How fast can the residency petition be submitted if I have been married to a citizen for three months?

Immigration laws do not require a specific time to submit the petition. You can do it immediately. However, there are factors to consider, such as how the person entered the country, or if he is outside (consular process).

I got the residency through my daughter; can I do the same for my 25-year-old single son?

A resident can petition for his/her children over 21 as long as they are single. If the son gets married, the petition will not proceed. In this case, it is recommendable that the resident becomes a citizen to ask for her son.

My daughter is a citizen and is turning 21 years old, and I am in a U visa process. If she petitions for me, will the process be expedited?

The U visa process takes between 4 and 5 years. This visa forgives actions such as undocumented illegal presence, an advantage over the regular petition from children to parents, which do not.

Depending on the progress of the case, it could be faster through a citizen’s daughter, but only an immigration lawyer can determine the process to follow.

How to adopt my nephew as my son if he lives in another country?

The adoption process is composed of two steps. The first one is to cease the rights of biological parents. The second step is to transfer those rights to the people who will adopt the minor. This last step is confirmed by the order of a court.

That order must happen before the minor turns 16. Otherwise, waiting times may be longer and the process may be more difficult. In addition, the application requires a period of presence and physical custody of at least 24 months after the adoption.

The minor’s petition can be made before he turns 21 if the adoption occurred before he was 16. This is a complex process, so the advice of an immigration attorney is essential to advance the case.

Can my son ask me to be in the Navy if I am under 21 years old?

Usually, a son can petition for his father once he is 21 years old. However, for relatives of members of the Armed Forces, there is Parole in Place, a temporary relief to appeal while the son turns 21, and then start the residency petition.

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