If I left the USA voluntarily, but I re-entered, and now I am married, can I fix my status with the help of a deportation attorney?

deportation attorney

Deportations are processes that many times seem inevitable. But in some cases, there may be possibilities to do something about it if you have the proper advice from a deportation attorney.

These cases are highly complex, and you must meet strict requirements to succeed, for which it is necessary to know your history in detail (for example, being married to a resident or a citizen could help in your case)

However, only an expert can determine and evaluate the possibilities, and this is where it becomes essential to have the advice of a deportation attorney.

What does voluntary departure mean?

First, if you signed a voluntary departure, the immigration laws indicate that you should remain outside the country for the time designated by the immigration authorities (known as a prohibition of entry).

But if you enter the country again without authorization, it is a delicate circumstance that can further complicate your immigration situation. There is even a chance that you will no longer be eligible for an immigrant visa.

However, each case is very different, so it is essential to review all of your immigration histories with a deportation or immigration attorney to do a detailed analysis and determine your situation.

deportation attorney

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Voluntary departure is NOT deportation.

Although they may have similarities, voluntary departure and deportation are different processes.

For example, deportation occurs when immigration authorities remove you from the United States and return you to your country. On the contrary, in a Voluntary Departure, you must leave the country with your resources.

To determine your possibilities, we recommend that you consult with a deportation lawyer who can guide you in the best way.

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