Can I renew my 10-year-expired Green Card?

If your Green Card is expired, we tell you what to do to renew it.

Although this is a highly unlikely situation because most Green Cards expire in 10 years, it might happen.

The Green Card allows you to reside and work permanently in the United States, so it is not convenient to let it expire.

Always keep in mind the expiration date of the card, you can find it at the bottom corner on the right side.

If you are a permanent resident, your Green Card will be valid for 10 years and must be renewed at least six months before its expiration. Although it is better not to wait until it expires if that happened it would not modify your immigration status.

If you are a conditional permanent resident, your Green Card will expire in two years and you must start the renewal process at least 90 days before its expiration date. If you do not you may lose your immigration status.

In both cases, to renew the Green Card you must fill out the appropriate form and pay the fee established by USCIS.

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What problems will I have if my Green Card expires?

By law, all permanent residents must always carry their valid card.

If yours has expired, no matter how long ago, and you are considering renewing it, do not think twice and do it.

If you do not renew it, you will maintain your immigration status, but having an expired Green Card may have several issues:

  • Getting a new job: The employer will request your Green Card to verify that you are authorized to work in the US. If it is expired, you will have trouble getting the job.
  • Obtain a professional license: For some occupations, some states require a valid Green Card to work with a license. If it expired, it will be difficult to work, since you will not obtain that license.
  • Reentering the United States: If your Green Card expired while you were out of the country, the airline will not allow you to board the plane, by law they must verify that.
  • Buying a house: If you plan to buy a house or get a mortgage, you must prove your permanent resident status by presenting a photocopy of the Green Card.
  • Renew your driving license: Most states will ask you to prove that you legally reside in the country. An expired Green Card will make it difficult for you.

If your Green Card expired, and you are in the US, you must renew it before USCIS. If your card expired while outside the country, you must complete the process at your local US consular office.

Remember that processing and delivery times may vary due to the number of applications pending at USCIS, as well as to external factors such as the current health situation.

There is no penalty if your Green Card expires, USCIS will not fine or charge you extra for your expired card. But there is not enough reason to not renew it in time. An expired Green Card will cause you trouble sooner or later.

Please keep in mind that a Green Card can open the path to naturalization and become a US citizen. This is one more reason to make sure your card is valid.

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