How long do I have to wait to reapply after a denied US citizenship?

us citizenship

Achieving US citizenship is a huge dream for many immigrants who want to have a better quality of life and provide well-being for their families. And although in some cases it is denied, sometimes it is possible to reapply. 

First, it is necessary to identify why your application was denied or rejected to determine the next step and the most convenient for you. For this, we recommend you seek advice from a specialized immigration lawyer who can help you. 

On the other hand, if you consider the denial was a mistake from the immigration services, it is possible to appeal this decision during the 30 days following the rejection notification. 

Likewise, it is also possible to make the request again from the beginning, and the denial letter usually indicates the date you can reapply for citizenship. 

However, if immigration denies your application because you failed the English or civics test, sometimes you may have a second chance to submit these tests before making a new application. 

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Reasons for denied US citizenship application 

Although there are multiple reasons why immigration services might deny this application, it is usually because the applicant does not meet all the requirements. Some of the reasons for rejection are: 

  • Failing the English test or the civics test
  • Commit fraud before USCIS
  • Failure to meet continuous residence and physical presence requirements
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Divorce before completing three years of residency by marriage.


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For this reason, it is essential to ensure that you correctly meet each of the requirements before submitting the application to the immigration services. 

Finally, keep in mind that if you decide to make a new application, it will be necessary to pay the fee and attend the biometric data and fingerprinting again. 

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