Immigration reform and its requirements in 2022 

It is very important for the millions of immigrants who live in the United States and their families to know about immigration reform and its requirements in 2022, proposed by President Joe Biden during his election campaign. 

In the first place, it is a reform that if carried out would not only benefit undocumented migrants, but also those who already have regular immigration status and wish to help their families. 

However, the truth is that immigration reform and its requirements in 2022 are issues that have not been defined in Congress. Although it would bring great benefits to millions of people, it has not yet been approved and, therefore, is not yet effective. 

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What has changed in terms of immigration? 

First, in terms of immigration laws, it is important to highlight that for the moment the existing ones are maintained, as well as the requirements defined for immigration procedures. So, this would only change if the new immigration reform became effective and its requirements in 2022 would be different if approved. 

However, the Government of the United States is seeking to make some adjustments to speed up some migration processes. This is because there is currently a backlog of millions of queued requests and huge delays in response times. 

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Will there be immigration reform in the United States? 

So far, it is known that President Joe Biden and the Democrats will make a new attempt to seek approval of the immigration reform in the United States Congress in April. 

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