I want to apply for the U Visa, but how long is it valid?

tiempo validez Visa U

The U Visa is a type of visa given to immigrants who have been victims of violent attacks in the interior of the United States. 

If the person has sufficient evidence of the attack and decides to collaborate with the authorities, he can receive the benefits of the U Visa. 

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1- How long is the U Visa valid? 

The U Visa is valid for the next four years after it has been received. And this offers the possibility of staying in the country legally in addition to a work permit that could be delivered after a year. 

However, the beneficiary can start their residency process three years after receiving the U Visa. 

2- How long can the government take to approve a U Visa? 

In general, it can take the authorities four to five years to deliver the visa to the petitioner if it is accepted. 

However, each process is different, and that can also affect the waiting time. Therefore, it is advisable to be patient when submitting the request. 

3- What kind of people can apply for this visa? 

In addition to having been the victim of a violent crime, the person must be someone who does not have documents. Or who entered the country legally, but their departure time has expired. 

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