DO NOT say any of this sentences to an immigration agent

It is very important to be very clear and to plan what you are going to tell the immigration agent.

It is about giving the right answer if you do not properly answer the questions they ask, there are consequences such as taking more time for immigration process, and even being detained or denying the entrance to the country.

Here are some suggestions for what not to say or do, and through which the customs agent will make decisions:

  1. They will ask you the reason for your visit, do not say things that do not comply with the type of visa you were granted, for example, if you are on a tourist visa you cannot say that you are going to study or work. The answers must match the type of visa you hold. It is about being aware of what the visa is for and how to use it.
  2. When they ask you for your returning date, you can’t say that you don’t know or that you are not planning or willing to return. In fact, the officials will request your return ticket to make sure that you will return at some point and if you do not have it they ask you about the resources available for you to buy the return ticket. This is very important to them.
  3. When they ask you about where you will be staying, you cannot answer that you do not know, not even doubt, since not knowing where you are going to spend the time in the US territory will give them a reason to be suspicious about you, always have the address of the place where you will stay.
  4. You cannot say that you carry items to sell in the United States since this activity won’t fit your visa type.
  5. You cannot carry agricultural products or say that you carry them.
  6. When they ask you how much money you have for your trip, be careful if it is little since if you are traveling you need money; additionally, you should not exceed the amount of $ 10,000 US per trip.
  7. You must not say that you brought or transport fruits, plants, seeds, animals, animal skins, weapons, and others.
  8. In case you are asked if you have acquaintances or relatives within the United States, do not lie, you must tell the truth.
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You should also keep in mind that you need to be levelheaded so that your nerves do not make you have a bad time if the immigration agent notices it, he can retain you longer by asking you more background questions.

Let us remember that a visa only gives us the possibility of entering the United States through a port and knocking on the door, from then on it is the power of the immigration agents if they let you in or not and how long they allow us to stay. So that is why we must know very well what we are going to tell them, how to answer and how to behave.

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