Can I request Parole in place if I am in a deportation process?

deportación familia

Deportation is a complicated process that thousands of immigrants go through, and in many cases, this means that they must be apart from their families for several years.

Sometimes there is an opportunity to defend yourself in deportation proceedings, but there are other cases where you can’t do anything to fix it.

There are many factors to take into account if you are going through this situation.

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Is it possible to get Parole in place if I am in a deportation proceeding?

Although deportation is a process that can be very difficult to fix, this does not mean that it is impossible as long as you meet some strict requirements.

The first thing to analyze is what part of the process you are going through. That is, if you have already officially received a deportation order issued by an immigration judge or if you have not yet received it.

In addition, you also have to study what your immigration status is and the reason why you are in the deportation process.

Although it can be a complicated process, there is a possibility to apply for a Parole in Place if you meet all the requirements. But for this, you have to study your case very carefully.

We recommend that before starting any process you consult with an immigration lawyer to study the details of your case and evaluate what your best possibilities are.

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