Can I apply again if my fiance visa was denied?

If you applied for a fiance visa and, due to different circumstances, it was denied to you, do not worry! We can help you study your case and assess how likely you are to appeal. 

At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we will tell you the details that you should consider in this regard. 

Why can a visa be denied? 

A visa can be denied as ineligible or inadmissible. If it is ineligible, it means that it does not meet the requirements requested by the visa itself. 

On the other hand, being inadmissible implies that the person does not meet the requirements established by the same immigration laws of the United States. 

It should be noted that in these cases, the visa may be denied for reasons of fraud or falsification of documents, drug trafficking, or reasons related to health. 

What can be done? 

If you believe that your visa was unjustifiably or unjustly denied, then you have the option of appealing. 

For that, you must gather the documents that can serve as proof of your testimony and understand directly with the immigration authorities. 

Who to turn to to carry out the process? 

What we recommend is that you see an immigration attorney from the beginning. 

After all, immigration authorities will need all the hard evidence to show that your appeal is valid. 

So you should have the support of someone aware of how American laws work in the present tense. 

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