Helping injured people get fair compensation for pain and suffering

A Spokane injury attorney can help you file, negotiate, argue, settle, or take to trial any valid claim you might have suffered by the negligence of someone else. These claims include, but are not limited to, slip and falls, dog bites, car accidents, medical negligence, and defective products.

In most injury cases, insurance companies are a party to any claim, lawsuit, or settlement negotiation.

In many cases, either your own insurance company will provide coverage for your medical bills until you settle OR the other party’s insurance company will be the one dealing with you directly for your pain and suffering.

Insurance adjusters will be calling you, sending you letters, and trying to persuade you to settle your injury claim as soon as they learn about your injury.

A Spokane injury attorney can help you evaluate your injuries, pain and suffering, wage losses, and your decreased quality of life. These are damages you can be compensated for if you know how to deal with insurance claims in Spokane.

Most insurance adjusters have many years of experience dealing with injured parties. They are legally savvy individuals that can persuade you into signing documents you do not want to sign. They will send you medical authorization forms so they can have access to ALL your medical history (related and unrelated to your injuries), giving them a very big advantage over you.

Whether you are dealing with a dog bite or a car accident, the Quiroga Law Office can help you negotiate or take to trial your insurance claim. There are no fees to you unless we collect. If we do not collect, you owe nothing.

It is important that you do seek the representation of a Spokane injury attorney as soon as you believe the insurance company is not being fair. Usually, insurance companies change their positions when attorneys get involved. They know that a lawyer can substantially impact your award because they have the ability to take the matter in front of a jury. They know that an unrepresented party does not have that ability to do that on their own.

A good Spokane injury attorney will not suggest that you run to seek legal counsel as soon as you collide with someone else. That is not what we are advising you to do. We believe you should seek legal counsel when you are dealing with the insurance company and the insurance company is not being fair on the compensation offered to you.

In many instances, insurance companies will try to be more lenient when dealing with property damages (e.g. damages to your car), but they will be much more aggressive when compensating you for injuries (or vice versa). Some will approach the negotiation process by being aggressive in every single aspect of the claim (total loss, rental car, towing bills, medical expenses, etc).

If at any point of the negotiation process you feel pressure from an insurance adjuster to do something you do not feel is right, you do not fully understand, you understand but does not make any sense, or you feel their request infringes on your rights, please contact the Quiroga Law Office for some advice.

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