Bipartisan border Bill fails again: Our perspective

In Quiroga Law Office, PLLC., we regret to report that, once again, attempts to reform immigration policy in the United States have not achieved their goal. The latest Senate proposal, rejected for the second time, aimed to provide a bipartisan solution to the challenges of border security but failed to meet the essential needs of our immigration system. 


We Need Urgent Improvements in The Immigration System 

At the heart of current debates, lawmakers have focused on increasing the number of immigration judges and officers. Although we recognize this as a necessary step, it is crucial to understand that this alone does not solve the root of the problem. 

Up to this date, the proposed reforms have not provided effective ways for millions of immigrants to regularize their status, whether to work or invest here. These attempts have failed to make immigration processes more efficient, which are notably lagging. 


How Does This Failure Impact Immigration Policy and Immigrants? 

After an initial failed attempt this year, the Democrats reintroduced the legislative measure, hoping to change the Republicans’ stance in the Senate regarding border security. However, this action only revealed deep divisions within the Democratic party itself, in addition to facing strong Republican resistance. 

The lack of consensus among Democratic congressmen endangered the unity and success of the effort. Finally, the proposal was rejected with a vote of 43 in favor and 50 against, highlighting a troubling partisan division that severely affects border communities in several states. 

It is profoundly disappointing that this new failure continues to delay the necessary immigration reform that immigrants in the United States deserve. This failure could have even more detrimental consequences considering the current electoral climate. 

Among other issues, at Quiroga Law Office, PLLC., we emphasize the significant restrictions on the ability of migrants to apply for asylum. This is not only alarming from a human rights perspective but could also have long-lasting negative impacts on the stability and dynamism of our society. 


The Failed Border Bill and The Lack of Real Solutions 

While security issues and border crossings remain key points, Congress must address these issues more balanced and humanely. The current policies and proposed measures are far from providing the solutions our communities and the immigration system desperately need. 

As a country, we must promote policies that not only manage immigration effectively and safely but also promote a fair and beneficial integration of immigrants into our society. For this reason, at Quiroga Law Office, PLLC., we will continue to fight for significant and fair changes in immigration policy. 


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