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Our privacy policy describes the guidelines we follow regarding personal information, including e-mail address, name, phone numbers, contact information, etc.

Any personal information you provide through a submission, a contact form, or a sign-up form will never be shared with or provided to any individuals, businesses, or websites.

We never sell personal information to marketers or anyone else. Names, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and financial information, are all held as strictly confidential, and upon your request, it will be permanently removed from our computer records.

Spam and other unwanted marketing techniques are an unpleasant and real nuisance of the internet.

We dislike getting spam or junk e-mail in our company email system as much as many other people do, so we do not advocate it nor utilize it as a means to promote any of our products. When you register to receive our free newsletter, the newsletter is what you get…nothing else.

When you decide to cancel your subscription, we will honor you request and cancel your name and contact information so you stop getting e-mail messages from us.

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