Our Immigration Attorneys and Legal Staff

The Quiroga Law Office, PLLC has four immigration attorneys on staff. They are Casey Quiroga, Hector Quiroga, Maria E. Quiroga, and Clayton Cook-Mowery. The firm also employs three paralegals, a legal assistant, two legal receptionists, a managing director, a director of operations, an Immigration Director, five administrative assistants, four bilingual assistants and one chief technology officer. The firm has offices in Spokane and Tri-Cities (Kennewick), Washington.

Casey’s Immigration Focus Areas:

Casey Quiroga immigration attorneys

  • Employment
  • Investor
  • Family Immigration
  • Special Immigrant Visas
  • Citizenship

Casey also handles matters at the appellate level (both, federal court and the Washington State Supreme Court).

Read more about Casey Quiroga here.

Hector’s Immigration Focus Areas:

Hector Quiroga immigration attorneys

  • Family Immigration
  • Employment
  • Waivers
  • Deportation Defense
  • Citizenship

Hector is also an adjunct professor at Gonzaga University School of Law.

Read more about Hector Quiroga here.

Maria’s Immigration Focus Areas:

Maria Quiroga

  • Waivers
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Family Petitions
  • Asylum
  • Deportation Defense

Maria is licenced to practice law in Nevada. Read more about Maria Quiroga here.

Read more about Maria Quiroga here.

Clayton’s Immigration Focus Areas:

Clayton Cook-Mowery

  • Waivers
  • Visas
  • Family Petitions
  • Asylum
  • Immigration Appeals

Clayton graduated magna cum laude from Michigan State University College of Law and he is licenced to practice law in Washington.

Read more about Clayton Cook-Mowry here.

Greg’s Immigration Director Main Duties:

Gregory Cunningham

  • Draft pleadings
  • Interview immigration clients
  • Assist clients with legal declarations and affidavits
  • Prepare files for hearings and interviews
  • Review evidence and draft legal strategy

Greg graduated magna cum laude from Seattle University. He also has a master’s degree from Eastern Washington University.

Read more about Greg Cunningham here.

Joe’s Director of Operations Main Duties:

Joseph Rouse

  • Draft pleadings
  • Interview clients
  • Assist clients with legal declarations and affidavits
  • Prepare files for court hearings and trials
  • Review evidence and draft legal strategy

Joe is a valedictorian in paralegal studies in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Read more about Joseph Rouse here.

Kari’s Managing Director Main Duties:

Kari Milich

  • Ensure the office is operating efficiently
  • Maintains relationships with the office clients
  • Training and developing office staff
  • Handle the office hiring procedures
  • Cost reduction of the firm operations
  • Manages vendor relationships and accounts

Kari has extensive experience with client relations and developing successful plans for maintaining high quality assurance.

Read more about Kari Milich here.

Stevan’s Chief Technology Officer Main Duties:

Stevan Veselinovic

  • Software and database engineering
  • IT management
  • Cloud computing
  • Database administration
  • Network design and implementation

Read more about Stevan Veselinovic here.

Austin’s Paralegal Main Duties:

Austin Roberts

  • Draft complex legal memorandums, orders, and motions
  • Drafting documents by customized standards
  • Preparing legal contracts
  • Legal research and writing
  • Assist attorneys prepare for hearings and help in court when needed
  • Remain main point of contact between office and client

Austin’s goal is to become an attorney. He is working on acquiring legal experience before and during his academic program.

Read more about Austin Roberts here.

Melissa’s Legal Receptionist Duties:

Melissa Markley

  • Clients’ first point of scontact
  • Initial document and waiver preparation
  • Responsible for client and document intake
  • Answer all incoming calls
  • Scheduling client appointments

Read more about Melissa Markley here.

Sierra’s Legal Assistant – Paralegal Duties:

Sierra Carrillo

  • Tracks official document pathways
  • Coordinates and sorts all incoming correspondence
  • Files all legal documents
  • Collects all correspondence for paralegals

Read more about Sierra Carrillo here.

Leonel’s Legal Assistant – Paralegal Duties:

Leonel Delgado

  • Document management
  • Answering in-coming calls
  • Tracking documents and filing
  • Collecting and sorting correspondance
  • Bilingual services

Read more about Leonel Delgado here.

Alejandra’s Bilingual Secretary Main Duties:

Alejandra Farfan

  • Spanish Group Leader
  • Translate/Interpret for Spanish speaking clients
  • Handle Spanish speaking client’s intake paperwork
  • Maintain the firm’s Spanish documents
  • First Point of Contact for Spanish Speaking Clients
  • In charge of the firm’s and attorneys’ schedules

Although not an attorney, Alejandra attended law school for three years. She also studied international trade and business.
Read more about Alejandra Farfan here.

Joanne’s Technical Assistant Main Duties:

Joanne Macalisang

  • Backs up all databases
  • Maintains integrity of the online systems
  • Ensures company documents are secured
  • Maintains firm schedule back up

You can also contact the Quiroga Law Office, PLLC through our contact page or by calling 509-927-3840.

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