Your Initial Petition was approved: here are the steps to take

Have you made a request for a foreign relative and it has been approved, but you do not know what to do next? At Quiroga Law Office PLLC, we tell you what to do. 

What to do after the procedure is approved? 

The wait may take a couple of weeks, but if you get the approval notification, congratulations! 

We recommend you verify with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that the status of your petition appears in the system as approved. 

If this is your case, we suggest making a copy of the notice, save it, and contact an immigration attorney to receive timely advice that you require in your situation. 

One of them would be to start the process to obtain the Green Card or your permanent residence. 

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What benefits could I receive when applying for permanent residence? 

The main benefits granted by the Green Card are being able to reside and work without having to worry about your immigration status. Additionally, permanent residents can own property and have the right to attend public schools and apply for a driver’s license. 

You should have in mind that the US government considers applications for permanent residence considering the individual’s case, as well as the family and social situation. 

There are several factors that the law evaluates: 

  • Depending on the family member who makes the request. 
  • If you are the abused child or spouse of an American citizen. 
  • If you entered the country as a fiancé or spouse of a citizen. 
  • If you are a widower of a citizen. 
  • If your parents were diplomats of the country when the person was born. 
  • If you have requested political asylum or have refugee status. 

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