Why the United States removes a Green Card from a legal permanent resident

Green Card

The Green Card is the official document issued by the government of the United States to those who find themselves in the legal permanent resident immigration status in this country. The Green Card, not only allows you to reside indefinitely in any part of the territory of the American Union but also enables you to work, access some state benefits, among others. But, in some occasions the residence card may not be definitive, in some cases it may bring renewal status and even when it is already definitive there are some rules to which it is subject and if they are not complied with, the Green Card could be removed.

Conditional Green Card

To begin with, there would be cases and specific differences when the Green Card is conditional and its counterpart when it is permanent. In the case of conditional Green Card, it is when acquired by marriage where the union is less than two years old, conditional residences become permanent after two years and giving several legal support to the immigration authorities but it must be renewed, when it is necessary, the government can remove the Green Card. On the other hand, it is clear to understand that non-conditional residence cards are valid for 10 years, in other words it could be said that they are all conditional, so it is necessary to renew them before it expires, if the physical document suffers a disastrous accident or If is lost, you should request a copy and notify what happened to the immigration authorities.

Contempt of law

To continue whit, the authorities remove the Green Card when it comes to fraud, under any of its expressions, such as a marriage for convenience, lying on an immigration form or disguising the information, at the time the Green fraud is discovered Card is frozen until the investigation is over, if the judgment is issued against the foreigner, the Green Card is suspended in its entirety. Additionally, the residence card can be withdrawn is when convicted of aggravated crimes after serving the sentence, the migrant faces the possibility of running out of the residence card and will be deported, the crimes that enter this set can be:

  • Child pornography
  • Sexual abuse of minors.
  • Rape and murder.
  • Violent crimes with a sentence greater than one year in prison.
  • Theft and break-in with convictions exceeding one year.
  • Tax evasion, money laundering and document traffic.
  • Perjury and obstruction of Justice.
  • Drug offenses for drug trafficking or possession.
  • Petition for bailouts, bribes or fraud committed against another person or the Government.
  • Belonging to a mafia.
  • Counterfeit money.
  • Traffic in weapons or explosive material.
  • Illegal traffic of foreigners.
  • Not appear in court when a crime is being tried.
  • Possession of a weapon without a credential.
  • File false taxes.
  • Domestic violence

What is lost by default

Now, the most common reason why the Green Card is withdrawn is known as the legal phenomenon of loss by default and it happens when the Green Card holder does not usually reside in the United States, which is why it should be prudent with the times that are available to be outside the country, particularly it is a period of 180 days but with the appropriate permits it can be extended to 1 year. Testimonies of people who lose their permanent residence status have been found since they work within the USA but actually live in border cities in Mexico or Canada. In this case of loss of green card by deafaultit is only possible to recover it by starting a new process and waiting for the response outside the United States.

Important information

Finally, it is an obligation for permanent residents to fulfill their duties, so it is recommended to have excellent advice from an immigration lawyer in the application process and after the application for the residence card because you do not want to lose the Green Card for not having notified a change of address or forget to pay any tax, remember to be cautious.