What documents do I need to do a petition for my parents?

If you want to know how to do a petition for your parents, this article was made for you. At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, we will give you this tip. 

The parents request can only be made by people who have American citizenship and are over 21 years of age. Legal permanent residents cannot petition. 

1- What requirements do you need to meet to ask parents? 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will ask you to fill out specific forms depending on your situation. 

There are cases in which just one of the parents is request. Cases in which both are requested. And others in which the child was born out of wedlock and was not legitimized, until a certain age. 

 Therefore, it is necessary to be about what type of request you are going to make. 

You can go ahead by preparing a birth certificate that clearly shows your name and your parents name and evidence that demonstrates your emotional and economic bond. 

You should remember that even if you are applying for both, the documents will need to be filled out separately. That is why it is important to have advice from an immigration attorney who can better guide you according to your situation. 

If you were a legally adopted person, you can’t request your birth parents.  

2- Can a stepfather enter the application? 

The petition to the stepfather or stepmother falls are in the category of a petition to a non-immediate relativeAlthough the request is possible, would be treated differently. 

Likewise, you must talk to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. If the person is within the country and entered correctly, it may be possible to adjust status from there. 

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3- What comes next? 

If your mother or father is in the United States, there is a possibility that you can expedite the process. If you are outside the country, you must go to an american consulate to do the paperwork from there. 

For now, we recommend being patient as any process well done can take time to wait. 

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