Priority Dates and Visa Bulletin May 2021

Sometimes people who are waiting for a green card or any immigration process at the request of their job or a relative wonder “how long until my request is approved?” At Quiroga Law Office, PLLC we tell you everything you need to know about the visa bulletin.

What is the visa bulletin?

The visa bulletin is a report that the State Department publishes monthly and it records the priority date.

If the priority date is older than the one indicated in the visa bulletin in the corresponding category, it means the completion of the residency procedures has begun.

This can be reviewed through a consular process outside of the United States for the immigrant visa or through a status adjustment.

How to understand the visa bulletin?

You must keep the country in mind. Mexico, for example, has a different date than the rest of the world.

The category is classified as follows:

F1: Children of American citizens over 21 years of age but whose marital status is single fit into this category.

F2A: When the person is the spouse or the unmarried child under 21 years of age of a legal permanent resident.

F2B: When the unmarried child of a legal permanent resident is over 21 years old.

F3: When the person is the child of an American citizen and they are married.

F4: When you are the sibling of a citizen.

  • The priority date is the one that is presented as “priority date”. It is delivered with the confirmation of the approval of the application for the residence card.
  • The date that the visa bulletin publishes in the category: this is known as the cut-off date.

If the priority date is older than the cut-off date of the visa bulletin, the applicant’s Green Card is ready to be delivered.

If you are going to continue with the consular process, the National Visa Center will notify you when it is time to send them the required documentation.

In the event that the person is in the United States, they can request an adjustment of status, since the priority date already allows it.

For further information, we recommend you access the official State Department bulletin for May 2021: Visa Bulletin May 2021. On the other hand, it is important to be aware of visa bulletins from previous months.  You cand find them through the following link: The Visas Bulletin.

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