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Welcome to the terms of use of the private domain www.QuirogaLawOffice.com. We appreciate your courtesy in taking the time to read this page. Our terms and conditions are as follows:

All online materials presented on this website are the copyrighted, intellectual property of Quiroga Law Office, its internet domain, and its main webmaster and writer Héctor E. Quiroga, and its co-writer Casey A. Quiroga.

All materials on this website are registered and protected by www.copyright.gov. The United States Congress has enacted THE DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT OF 1998 in which plagiarism and unauthorized copying of internet materials is a criminal, prosecutable, and punishable offense. We monitor our material by the use of the premium services of Copyscape, Inc.

No unauthorized use is allowed. Requests for use must be made through the website on writing in this website’s contact form.

Users of QuirogaLawOffice.Com agree that the information provided on this website may be accurate or inaccurate, verified or unverified, complete and incomplete, and users will hold harmless Quiroga Law Office and any and all of its agents for any damages caused from intentional or unintentional deficiencies in the information provided here.

Any submission you make to our website becomes the property of QuirogaLawOffice.com. We will request your permission to publish the information provided by you but we reserve the right to edit material or to decline to publish it.

You are welcome to print this material for personal use; however any commercial use must be previously authorized by an agent of Quiroga Law Office.

If you would like to use any of our pictures, photos, or videos, please contact us first. We do not have any problem allowing you to use the material as long as you link back to our site.

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