The Biden Administration has implemented new asylum restrictions at the southern US border. An executive order will limit the number of asylum seekers when irregular crossings exceed 2,500 per day for a week. 

The main restrictions include expedited deportation for those who do not demonstrate a credible fear of persecution or torture. However, there are exceptions for unaccompanied minors and medical emergencies. 

Additionally, these restrictions will cease if detentions drop to 1,500 daily for 14 days. 

The new policy requires applicants to demonstrate a “reasonable likelihood” of persecution, increasing the burden of proof. 

As a result, these measures have divided opinions. While Democrats criticize the vulnerability they create for applicants, some Republicans question the delay in their implementation. 

From the Quiroga Law Office, we emphasize that these restrictions, although necessary, do not replace the need for comprehensive immigration reform. 

Despite these new restrictions, the border will remain open for commerce and tourism activities.