How does the employment authorization in USA work while I am in the U visa process?

employment authorization in USA

The U visa can be given to people who have been victims of certain crimes in the United States. Consequently, it gives them the possibility to stay and obtain a work permit in the USA. How do you get this permission? Let’s see it. 

U visa limit 

The limit of U visas given each year is smaller than the number of applications. Therefore, the wait for a U-Visa can take a few years. 

However, for the work permit in the USA you only have to wait between 2 to 5 months. That is why we recommend that when applying for the U visa you also send your work permit application. 

What is deferred action? 

During the wait, you will have what is called deferred action. In this way, there will be a record in the system indicating that you are waiting for your visa. Therefore, you will be able to work legally while your U visa is in process. 

The work permit will be updated when you receive your visa, reflecting the change from deferred action to a U visa. 

Above all, it is a very beneficial visa for immigrants who become victims of a crime. 

U visa benefits 

  1. A path to permanent residence after a certain time with the U visa. 
  2. The possibility of helping your family immigrate through what we know as a derivative status U visa. 
  3. The opportunity of working when obtaining your work permit in the USA. 

What are the crimes that qualify for the U visa? 

  • People who are victims of the following crimes may be eligible for a U visa: 
  • Rape or any form of sexual abuse. 
  • Domestic violence, both in the case of marriages and couples. 
  • Torture. 
  • Kidnapping 
  • Prostitution and any other form of sexual exploitation. 
  • Assault (violent attacks such as stabbing, shooting, armed robbery, etc.). 
  • Extortion. 
  • Blackmail. 

employment authorization in USA

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