Can I ask my mother if she is undocumented in the U.S, or should she leave the country?

pedir a tus padres siendo ciudadano

If you have been a citizen in the United States for some time, you want to request your parents, but you do not know how to apply. If it is your case, you have come to the right place to find out.

The Quiroga Law Office, PLLC, team, will explain how you could proceed.

1- To make the request, does my mother have to be outside the United States?

Not necessarily.

Annually many cases enter the country without their respective documentation or stay longer than the time allowed by their visas.

In those cases, if the person has a direct relative who is a citizen, the petition process can be done. However, it will be easier to get the status fixed if the father or mother previously entered the United States with their documents.

If the father or mother has entered undocumented, the process may be longer.

In some circumstances, an immigration pardon should probably be requested, or the authorities would ask the person to return to their country of origin to carry out the process from the beginning.

2- What should I do when these cases arise?

First, you should contact an immigration attorney who can better study your case and give you a more personalized diagnosis depending on your situation.

It will also be able to tell you more precisely which documents you should have on hand.

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